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Win A Vox MSB25 Mini Superbeetle

A Must-Have for every British Music enthusiast!

We give you the Vox Mini Superbeetle… for just 99p!

Past meets present with the brand new VOX Superbeetle, a herald back to the Golden Age of Rock and Roll with its iconic VOX mini-stack design and vintage VOX tone. Featuring Nutube technology, an open-backed cabinet design, and built-in Tremolo and Reverb effects, this amp is designed especially for fans of the British Rock heritage!

  • 1st Prize – VOX Mini Amp
  • 2nd Prize £20 Website Credit
  • 3rd Prize £10 Website Credit

*Live Draw Set 1st March 7pm*

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Where is the VOX headquarters based?

  • Kent England
  • Russia
  • Brazil

Innovative Nutube Design

The Mini Superbeetle has a classic appearance, yet it is re-designed with new analog technology, powered by Nutube. Players can achieve the renowned Vox AC tones, with the new vacuum tube that was designed in collaboration between Korg and Noritake Itron. The Nutube reproduces the legendary tonality of Vox’s AC30, and offers the shimmering and sparkling sound that was so prevalent with artists for more than 50 years.

For increased versatility, there are tremolo and reverb effects built-in to the MSB25. The traditional Vox tremolo effect works with the Nutube distortion to create a true tube-driven sound. The digital reverb effect provides players with another dimension to their sound, by adding a classic spring reverb.

Iconic 60s Appearance

The instantly recognisable Mini Superbeetle has been redesigned, for modern guitarists. With its iconic appearance, the Mini Superbeetle features the classic design of the amp stack that was so prominent within 60s rock music. It is such a unique amp that is unmatched by other manufacturers, and will therefore even look amazing as a piece of decor!



50 Watts RMS | 4 Ohms

25 Watts RMS | 8 Ohms

12.5 Watts RMS | 16 Ohms


1 x 10″ 8 Ohm Celestion Custom speaker


1 x Normal Input Jack


2 x Speaker Jacks

1 x Headphone Jack

1 x Line Out


Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb, Tremolo, EQ Flat/Deep, Eco On/Off, Impedance 4 / 8 / 16


Nutube 6P1 (Solid Stack)


Digital reverb Nutube tremolo


323 x 180 x 596 mm | 12.7 x 7.09 x 23.5 inches 8.7 kg | 19.18 lbs


AC adapter (DC 19 V), AC cord, Speaker cable


Backed by 50watts - She can be anything you want her to be!

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